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Reflective Journal (GRA1+2 NOROFF)

Design History and Styles: Applying Philosophy to Design

Task: Create a poster for a humanitarian cause. I chose Red Cross. The cause: Young Reclusive Download PDF Red Cross Although Red Cross is not working specifically on the phenomenon called "Young Reclusive" (social withdrawal), they are working every day to combat loneliness and include everyone in... Continue Reading →


Design History and Styles: Design With a Conscience

A word on Sheppard Fairey's Barack Obama "Hope" poster Commercialism and Conscience Idealism is closely connected with commercialism. It is very often hard to see the difference. Is there a difference? In this case, the "Hope" poster was done in a very short... Continue Reading →

Design History and Styles: Pioneering Designers

Neo-modernism Computer combined with other media Computers and software make it possible to discover new ideas and explore varieties that designers could not easily do until a couple of decades ago. However, it demands more of the designer. Learning a suite of designer applications is, to... Continue Reading →

Design History and Styles: Late Modernism

Brief "research" on the most influential style the last 6-7 decades The Swiss International Style The emphasis is on typography. The style use sentences, words, and letters as an active part of the layout and communication. The style fuses the text with the imagery and... Continue Reading →

Strategic design: Preparing for Brand Development

Brand schematic and write-up according to the second learning activity this week: Read pdf "Preparing for Brand Development"

Berlin Quarterly #4

My illustration is used in Berlin Quarterly, Fourth Issue, in a story written by Genevieve Valentine. This issue is focused on Science and the future. Distributions Europe & UK: Antenne Books, London ISSN: 2198-0039, March 2016, 17cm x... Continue Reading →

Strategic design: A personal survey

A survey is conducted according to the first learning activity this week: The pdf of "A personal survey"

Strategic design: Starting Phase of Designing Visual Identity

Learning activity: Design a logo for the following service and according to the following brief: The product/service name: Chemin The product/service description: A new urban railway service that takes passengers from the airport to four major centers in the capital... Continue Reading →

Strategic design: A Knack for Names

New lesson; create a name for an ice cream. The ice cream has a range of different flavors, but the unique aspect it should communicate is the fact that it is the coldest ice cream in existence. Now come up... Continue Reading →

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