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Reflective Journal (GRA1+2 NOROFF)

Typography: Definitions

Part 01: Short on definition of typography Typography is the arrangements of letters, glyphs, and words in relations to each other and the design surface. It is about selecting a proper font, font sizes, tracking, kerning, line height, legibility, and readability. What... Continue Reading →


Motion Design: Animation Principles

Create a character with 5 exaggerated expressions. Keeping animation principles in mind. Here's the result: Not sure if I should try to name these emotions just in case I missed the mark. But I'll give it a try. Snobbish In love... Continue Reading →

Motion Design: Visualise Your Ideas

Create a mood board and a storyboard using one word as the concept and let it play itself. The word I chose is TAPE (as in that sticky stuff).   -------------------- Disclaimer: This article is written before I read it.

Motion Design: Introduction

Playing with ideas: creating a storyboard for a new title sequence for my favorite movie Alien. Not much beats this classic title sequence: But the task encouraged me to try. Below is the result. A 30 frame redesign thumbnails. Explanation... Continue Reading →

Design History and Styles: The Fall of Imagination (Book Cover)

Design a book cover for a thriller book called “The Fall of Imagination” by Sam Wan. Here's the PDF Result in pictures: The style is based on Swiss Style and New York School. White tape, or chalk outline, and evidence... Continue Reading →

Design History and Styles: Analysing the Use of Design Fundamentals

Image to analyze: What fundamentals? Shapes are the most prominent fundamental used. Shapes are distorted in an unnatural perspective and create a bizarre world. One could discuss whether lines and colors are the most prominent fundamentals, but I think they play... Continue Reading →

Design History and Styles: Applying Philosophy to Design

Task: Create a poster for a humanitarian cause. I chose Red Cross. The cause: Young Reclusive Download PDF Red Cross Although Red Cross is not working specifically on the phenomenon called "Young Reclusive" (social withdrawal), they are working every day to combat loneliness and include everyone in... Continue Reading →

Design History and Styles: Design With a Conscience

A word on Sheppard Fairey's Barack Obama "Hope" poster Commercialism and Conscience Idealism is closely connected with commercialism. It is very often hard to see the difference. Is there a difference? In this case, the "Hope" poster was done in a very short... Continue Reading →

Design History and Styles: Pioneering Designers

Neo-modernism Computer combined with other media Computers and software make it possible to discover new ideas and explore varieties that designers could not easily do until a couple of decades ago. However, it demands more of the designer. Learning a suite of designer applications is, to... Continue Reading →

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