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MA02 One product – four decades

One product, four decades

The following work process for this project is adapted for web. Read the pdf version here (incl. concept presentation, finalized art and work process) : MA02 Report (pdf) INTRODUCTION Concept The concept is named Pling Plong! A tag given electronic music and... Continue Reading →


One product, four decades: Finalized products

Vinyl jackets The following product presentation for this project is adapted for the web. Download the pdf version her: MA02 Products (pdf) Bauhaus 1920 De Stijl 1910 Pop Art 1950 Street Art 2000

One product, four decades: Concept presentation

PLING PLONG! The following concept presentation for this project is adapted for the web. Read the pdf version her: MA02 Concept (pdf) This concept presentation does not show any finalized art. It pitches the idea and establishes a framework for further development. Client Classical Music Record... Continue Reading →

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