One product, four decades

The following work process for this project is adapted for web. Read the pdf version here (incl. concept presentation, finalized art and work process) : MA02 Report (pdf) INTRODUCTION Concept The concept is named Pling Plong! A tag given electronic music and also to humiliate Arne Nordheim’s style when he started experimenting with classical music and electronic... Continue Reading →


One product, four decades: Finalized products

Vinyl jackets The following product presentation for this project is adapted for the web. Download the pdf version her: MA02 Products (pdf) Bauhaus 1920 De Stijl 1910 Pop Art 1950 Street Art 2000

One product, four decades: Concept presentation

PLING PLONG! The following concept presentation for this project is adapted for the web. Read the pdf version her: MA02 Concept (pdf) This concept presentation does not show any finalized art. It pitches the idea and establishes a framework for further development. Client Classical Music Record Company - CMRC Client’s goal Reach out to a younger audience and raise awareness of... Continue Reading →

Design Journey

The task was to evaluate the first year of my studies and design an infographic picturing it all and then also write an artist's statement. Here's the pdf.

Band Promotion

The task is to promote Blind Pilot's new album We are the tide. Concept A poster is produced in a simplistic style with few elements; wavelike shapes and a pilot boat including typography Target audience Age: 25 - 35 (40%), 20 - 25 (25%), 35 - 45 (20%) and up till 25 (15%) Occupations: Students, engineers, insurance, economy, trade, journalism, teaching,... Continue Reading →

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