Typography: DPS

Part 03 b: Double page spread The content of this article is based on the review of my work at Kosa Press: http://www.kosapress.com/art-science-fiction-092-ronnie-jensen/ It's rewritten slightly to make it fit this particular DPS assignment. Typography for heading is Futura PT and body copy Museo Sans. Disclaimer: I'm spread out thin today. Book cover in the spread is just... Continue Reading →


Typography: Newspaper Frontpage

Part 03 a: Newspaper front page Fonts are Chaparral Pro from TypeKit. Lots of nitpicking here, but I think I managed to mix new and old style together OK. I like the printed versions of newspapers. Tabloid format. All content is made up by me; photos, illustrations, and layout. I like the blue thumb-TOC-like-bar for... Continue Reading →

Typography: Definitions

Part 01: Short on definition of typography Typography is the arrangements of letters, glyphs, and words in relations to each other and the design surface. It is about selecting a proper font, font sizes, tracking, kerning, line height, legibility, and readability. What typography is not Typography is claimed not be an art-form. Which is a matter of... Continue Reading →

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