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Reflective Journal (GRA1+2 NOROFF)


Week 08 – Strategic Design 2

Strategic design: Starting Phase of Designing Visual Identity

Learning activity: Design a logo for the following service and according to the following brief: The product/service name: Chemin The product/service description: A new urban railway service that takes passengers from the airport to four major centers in the capital... Continue Reading →


Strategic design: A Knack for Names

New lesson; create a name for an ice cream. The ice cream has a range of different flavors, but the unique aspect it should communicate is the fact that it is the coldest ice cream in existence. Now come up... Continue Reading →

Strategic design: Components of Visual Identity

Getting to grips with the components of visual identity. Having watched the video on Lynda on the design of typography: Logotype Design with Doyald Young and answering a couple of questions: Q1: Name the three most important components of visual... Continue Reading →

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