Product Photography: Preparations and implementation

Here are a few important things when doing product photography:

  1. Lighting. This is the most important aspect.
  2. ISO. Sharp quality photos are best done with low ISO of 100 or less.
  3. Shooting with the RAW quality for later editing and adjusting.
  4. Correct exposure.
  5. No hard shadows or lighting hotspots.
  6. Background easily separable from the product itself.

My DYI lighting tent (it looks like crap but I hope it works):

I am preparing for a photo shoot of one fluffy thing, and something shiny, and also a vase-like thing and some liquid stuff. Better charge that camera battery.

[A few hours later …]

The photoshoot:

Nice little collection of various texture. Fuzzy, fluid, galvanized and enameled objects. The galvanized and enameled and the glass are the ones the most challenging. I’ve tried to stay hidden so I won’t be a part of the picture.

Mrs. Chubby Chicken – Fuzzy fluffy
Pinot Urinae – Fluid
Spoons – Galvanized Steel
Vase – Enameled Ceramic

The lighting setup

Here’s the lighting setup for each shot. Not much changed between each one. I took advantage of a sunny sky, and the room behind the camera was also very well lit up by the daylight. I added one lamp to give the glass a bit of reflection in the stem.

I also used white plates for reflection and to reduce visual noise from the background on reflective objects.

Lighting for Chubby – Bright sun.
Lighting for Pinot Urinae – The sun is passing.
Lighting for Vase and Spoons – The sun is soon passed.

Photo retouching

Yes, I am guilty of fixing up my photos. When it comes to product photos I am much more prone to do a lot of touch-ups compared to i.e. outdoor photos.

I usually remove unwanted specs or reflections. In most cases, I also separate the object from its background to adjust the contrast between them more easily. Other than that I adjust colors, desaturate parts or make other parts more vibrant. And sometimes I create masks and vector objects on the images like reflections and small details.

So, that’s it.

Disclaimer: It’s my holidays


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