Motion Design: Introduction

Playing with ideas: creating a storyboard for a new title sequence for my favorite movie Alien.

Not much beats this classic title sequence:

But the task encouraged me to try. Below is the result. A 30 frame redesign thumbnails. Explanation under the picture:

01-07: Close up of hibernation area, slowly zooming out to a dim character in the doorway that stares at the sleeping crew.

08: Door closes and character turns right and walks out of the picture.

09-11: Door closed and shut. The camera follows the character through corridors into a command room.

12-17: The person stands by the flashing screens. Camera closing up on the screens, panning around over to the left side, over the character’s shoulder. The main screen is flashing “ALARM” or “ATTENTION”.

18-20: The character studies the screen, reading another message stating “SET NEW COURS”. The character taps the flashing area. A confirm message is displayed.

21-26: Camera zooms out slowly, through the command window and further out into space. We see the character standing by the screens. Still dim. When the camera is further away he turns towards the camera looking out through the window. We start to see the big construction on the outside of the cargo ship.

27-30: Nostromo, the cargo-ship, is now the main object. The command window is now barely visible. Camara continues to zoom out till Nostromo is a tiny speck against then huge nebula in the background.

During all this, the music has played its creepy tunes and the credits have flashed by.


Disclaimer: This article is written during a quarrel with my wife.


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