Fun With Slow Shutter Speeds

Skatepark in 30 s One of the tasks in this learning activity is to take an image in a crowded place at late evening. The thing worth noting is that there were several people passing in front of the camera from right to left. None of them shows up! Not a clue if they were even there. Luckily a... Continue Reading →


Animation in After Effects

"Rise", a test animation just to be acquainted with AE (due to some weird security issues I was not allowed to upload videos on this specific WP blog. Had to upload it to my another blog, and link to it. Hence the link below): Storyboard for my own animation. A heavy ball bouncing and finally stops: And here's... Continue Reading →

Shooting in Low-Light Conditions

A few things to consider before lock and load Aperture In most cases, a wide open aperture is needed. Exposure Slow shutter speeds allow for more light but blur moving parts of the image. Faster shutter speeds freeze movements but may underexpose the image. Flash When you need to freeze or light up the subject. ISO Also,... Continue Reading →

Creating a Brief

The brief Client’s service/product: This is a construction company doing new constructions and rehabilitating private homes and buildings. As entrepreneurs, they handle everything from hiring the skills needed for each project, and lead a team of workers during each job, to managing certifications and approvals from the authorities. They are not merely administrating the jobs,... Continue Reading →

Mobile-Friendly Website

Workflow creating a mobile-friendly site for a building company. 1. The design brief: What kind of visitors are you expecting on your website? Their primary target is medium to high-income households looking for maintenance and rehabilitating their homes and real estates. Secondary targets are future partners and enterprises looking for long-term business and collaboration. Who... Continue Reading →

Typography: Newspaper Frontpage

Part 03 a: Newspaper front page Fonts are Chaparral Pro from TypeKit. Lots of nitpicking here, but I think I managed to mix new and old style together OK. I like the printed versions of newspapers. Tabloid format. All content is made up by me; photos, illustrations, and layout. I like the blue thumb-TOC-like-bar for... Continue Reading →

Typography: Definitions

Part 01: Short on definition of typography Typography is the arrangements of letters, glyphs, and words in relations to each other and the design surface. It is about selecting a proper font, font sizes, tracking, kerning, line height, legibility, and readability. What typography is not Typography is claimed not be an art-form. Which is a matter of... Continue Reading →

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