Design History and Styles: Applying Philosophy to Design

Task: Create a poster for a humanitarian cause. I chose Red Cross. The cause: Young Reclusive

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Red Cross

Although Red Cross is not working specifically on the phenomenon called “Young Reclusive” (social withdrawal), they are working every day to combat loneliness and include everyone in the community.

The poster is inspired by a photo of a kid in front of his computer. The computer is not related to what is referred to as an “addiction” to the net and video games. In fact, these two media simply reduce the need for face-to-face communication with others.


Photo: Alamy


Quick sketches were done on an envelope.


The photo is over-painted digitally. A rough coat of pastel is applied together with layers of gradients to enhance colors. Left side is blurred, focus on the kid’s head. The PC-kid image is more abstract.

I have no specific design style inspiration other than the photo itself.

Use of typography
Display fonts, uppercase. The header “YOUNG” has the phase “RECLUSIVE” incorporated in smaller letters. Noticeable, but a little reclusive.

Time used
This was all accomplished in two-three hours. Maybe four. If it matters?

Interesting read:


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