Strategic design: Components of Visual Identity

Getting to grips with the components of visual identity. Having watched the video on Lynda on the design of typography: Logotype Design with Doyald Young and answering a couple of questions:

Q1: Name the three most important components of visual identity.
A1: According to the video it’s legibility, uniqueness, and details. But according to some text read during this learning activity the three main components are the logo, what it communicates and its color. So, I guess both are correct.

Q2: Describe the difference between logotype and signature.
A2: Well, this is not covered in the video, but I’ll throw in a qualified guess here; a logotype (or logo) is usually a wordmark with or without a symbol. It could also mean a logo made out of a standard font and then somewhat tweaked. A signature is the different sets made out of combinations of addresses, symbols, and wordmark, to be used in certain circumstances. It could also mean a hand-drawn logo.

Q3: Using Kuler create a color scheme (using only three colors in each set) for the following products:

  1. A rich chocolate cake that is made from real chocolate. The keyword here is “quality”.

    chokolateIf this is a logo or packaging: Gold Brandy Punch, Dark Brown and English Holly

  2. A courier company that delivers internationally by air, land, and sea – their main focus is fast delivery.

    courierIf this is a logo or packaging: Indian Khaki, Monza and Preussen Blue

  3. An international insurance company that focuses on family values.

    insuranceIf this is a logo or packaging: Glory, Athens Gray, and Cabaret

NOTE: Just want to add that these color schemes probably wouldn’t work. It depends on so many things. But it’s a bit fun playing around with colors, and especially give them some really useless names.

Q4: Write your name in four different typefaces, according to the following criteria. Use a typeface that:

1. expresses a unique quality about you:ronnie-unique-messletters

I am not very obvious. A unique quality 😉

2. is inspired by your favorite food:


I like sweets …

3. makes your name look sophisticated:


Trying to more elegant. Doesn’t suit me exactly.


4. is drawn by hand

handwrittenThat’s more like it!




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