One product, four decades: Concept presentation


The following concept presentation for this project is adapted for the web. Read the pdf version her: MA02 Concept (pdf)

This concept presentation does not show any finalized art. It pitches the idea and establishes a framework for further development.

Classical Music Record Company – CMRC

Client’s goal
Reach out to a younger audience and raise awareness of the richness, complexity, and variety of the classical music genre.

Client’s issue
“Young people have no ownership, or have not learned to listen to classical music, and are therefore unaware of its many benefits.”

“ … audiences for classical music today are older because they are made up of people who played it as children; younger generations have never had that chance.”
– The Guardianma02-kid

Problem solving
Promote composer Arne Nordheim, the most famous Norwegian contemporary composer, experimenting with both traditional and electronic instruments and sounds in his compositions.

The project is named Pling Plong! – an expression used to describe electronic music and is now used ironically.


Using visual styles from 4 decades

  1. De Stijl 1910 (Geometric)
  2. Bauhaus 1920 (Intellectual)
  3. Pop Art 1950 (Commercial)
  4. Street Art 2000 (Political)

Visualize an idea that classical music is modern, relevant and continuously changing, adapting to its present time.

Artist and designers representing each style movement

De Stijl will be represented by van Doesburg. His rectangular and strictly geometric style is visually strong and appeals to a younger crowd.

Bauhaus is inspired by Herbert Bayer, a graphic designer, typographer, painter, architect and more.

Pop art is influenced by Roy Lichtenstein’s comic-book style which also today is very popular.

Street art will be represented by Bansky and his immensely popular stencil art covering walls all over the world.

Items suggested for this concept

  1. Hoodie
  2. Vinyl Jacket
  3. Poster

Popular items with suitable surfaces, large areas providing enough space for visuals and can be especially appealing to the target audience.

Images below are not showing finalized art! These are examples of the style representing each movement.

Hoodie backprint
Popular apparel. The Large surface on the back. Web shops for fan art and merchandise.


Vinyl Jackets
Will be displayed inside online streaming applications, web shops, and stores.


Big surface. Popular items to be sold via web shops for fan art and merchandise.


Until next meeting:
Decide which one design product to choose  (Hoodie, Vinyl Jacket or Poster) and start production.



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