Introduction to Postproduction

Preferred workflow


  1. I always use RAW format and an empty SD card.
  2. After a shoot, I usually transfer SD content to my computer and a Cloud storage. I now empty the SD card.
  3. Now it’s organizing time. I always use an “Originals” folder as a basis and copy files from there into other folders.
  4. Reviewing images and reorganizing. It is not always enough to look at the thumbs to now where to put things. Lately, I have shot images as “dividers”. Meaning taking a shot of something else entirely just to separate different content if necessary.
  5. Open up the image in Photoshop using RAW and enhance. Usually, I always adjust exposure, color, lens etc.

3 to 5 is a recurring part of the process: upload, organize, review and enhance goes in cycles.

The workflow checklist

  1. RAW
  2. Transfer to backup unit / empty SD card
  3. Organize
  4. Review images, reorganize
  5. Enhance, reorganize

Folder structure

Here’s an example of my folder structure. It looks pretty now, but usually, it looks more “messy” with an unequally amount of subfolders and cryptic names. This is the way I prefer it until other people are going to have access to the same files that is. Then I have to be more careful with naming conventions and project descriptions, dates and so forth.


Why is a back-up so important?

I really don’t know! Just kidding.

Losing shots that we’re not able to redo is not good. Besides, the client usually pays a lot, so having to repay is not an option either.

Until I optionally hand over all the images, I use two backups. They are both in the cloud and not locally stored – no discs nor memory sticks. If my computer crashes and burn, I can still have access to the data. Just log into the cloud and download from anywhere.

The weak spot is when the images are still on the SD card, but Wi-fi enabled SD cards and cameras are available.


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