Wood engraving

Carving of motifs on a block of wood. Ink is applied onto the carving. The embossed parts of the carving are imprinted on the surface when pressed down. The negative image on the block is positive on the paper.

Image: art-educ4kids.weebly.com


Similar to wood engraving except the material is linoleum. The reliefs are cut out by a v-shaped knife. Linoleum is flexible and is often attached to a piece of wood.

Image: mswest.com


Incisions of motifs usually on copper or plexiglass. This technique is easier than engraving. The artist uses a sharp needle-like tool and draws on the surface. The surface is inked and pressed. The motif transferred onto a medium.

Image: thegolovine.wordpress.com


A medium, usually wax, but also thin foile or plastic, is applied onto a metal plate. This medium is partially cut away shaping the final motif. The metalplate is lowered into an etching liquid that etch down into the exposed areas of the plate, leaving the protected plastic or waxed areas untouched. The rest of the wax is the removed.

Image: www.davidladmore.com


Lines are engraved into metalplates, manually or by machine. Ink is applied to the plate’s surface and pressed onto paper. Money, or other security sensitive papers, are produce by this technique.engraving

Image: grassrootsunited.org


Using wax or oil based drawing medium (fat), a motif is drawn on to a very smooth surface of, usually limestone. The surface is then treated with acid and gum arabic, etching into the unprotected areas of the surface not covered with the wax or oil medium.

Image: wordpress.clarku.edu


A fine mesh is masked, leaving areas for the ink to pass through. When ink is poured onto the mesh, a squeeze is moved over, pressing down the mesh onto a surface (paper, clothing etc.) and ink is transferred trough the unmasked areas. When the squeeze has passed, the mesh springs back from the painted surface.

Image: metal-archives.com


There are many ways of doing monoprint. A thin layer of oil based paint is applied to a piece of plexiglas. Using a blunt tool, or other material, scrap away the paint from areas to create an image. Paper is layered over the glass and pressed down manually. Sometimes also by a press.

Image: jewettgallery.wordpress.com

Digital printing

Small-run print jobs from fine-arts to large-format banners.

Image: truelocal.com.au