Sketching Techniques – Graphite Spheres

Hatching and cross-hatching, blending, rendering, squiggly lines and contour lines.


Sketching Techniques – Printmaking

Wood engraving Carving of motifs on a block of wood. Ink is applied onto the carving. The embossed parts of the carving are imprinted on the surface when pressed down. The negative image on the block is positive on the paper. Image: Linocut Similar to wood engraving except the material is linoleum. The reliefs... Continue Reading →

Graphic Design Timeline

Swiss made timeline Illustrating the history timeline from 1900 to 2000. Visualizing the periods of different design styles during the century. The task was also to make this visualization in a Swiss design style. Here's the pdf. This poster was made in Illustrator with the help of a pretty dense grid. Font: Futura PT.

Graphic Design History

De Stijl 1917, Netherlands: A design movement with a distinct visual style. It embraced balance, simplicity and harmony by abstraction and reduction of elements down to its essential components. E.g. pure geometric straight lines and rectangular shapes, primary colors and primary values. All items are stripped from any objective reference but to itself. Painting, sculpture, architecture, industrial design, music, literature and graphic... Continue Reading →

Design Journey

The task was to evaluate the first year of my studies and design an infographic picturing it all and then also write an artist's statement. Here's the pdf.

Band Promotion

The task is to promote Blind Pilot's new album We are the tide. Concept A poster is produced in a simplistic style with few elements; wavelike shapes and a pilot boat including typography Target audience Age: 25 - 35 (40%), 20 - 25 (25%), 35 - 45 (20%) and up till 25 (15%) Occupations: Students, engineers, insurance, economy, trade, journalism, teaching,... Continue Reading →

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