A theme has been created – a simple theme that is. I called it HAFRI. Don’t ask.

Go ahead and try out this simple “state-of-the-art” template on my existing blog.
When/if you remove “?theme=hafri” from the url you’ll only see my original theme.
This theme work very well on most devices though it has not been adjusted for RWD.

My original theme: www.ironnie.graphics

My blog with new wrapping: www.ironnie.graphics/?theme=hafri

NOTE: not every post I have on my blog is suited for this simple template. I use some plugins that I have not included into the template – it’s too much job for this learning activity.

NOTE 2: In the learning activity I was supposed to add some hooks and filters. I added most of them except for the feed and media links. I use a plugin that spits in share buttons that I wouldn’t turn off. They would also be removed from my existing theme.