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May 2015

Create a WordPress Theme

A theme has been created - a simple theme that is. I called it HAFRI. Don't ask. Go ahead and try out this simple "state-of-the-art" template on my existing blog. When/if you remove "?theme=hafri" from the url you'll only see my original theme. This... Continue Reading →


Produktnettsted: Bajt the Site

Bajt the Site This is a static website. It is based on manual updates and input rather than an underlying business logic with a database providing a dynamic solution. Administrating the site is very depended on a web developer... Continue Reading →

Customize a WordPress site

The portfolio has been adjusted to my likings. In a short, while mandatory assignments will be uploaded as well. The word file describing what has been tweaked on in the CMS: Learning Activity - Customise a WordPress Site

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