Packaging Design

Task: Use the dog food logo and design a packaging for your product.

1.  Exploration (pdf):

Simple concept: cardboard box, relatively small, containing only one daily serving for various weight large breeds. Tear off the top to open the package.




The package seems to work very well when assembled. I made a smaller prototype to check if it all worked out as expected:


Cutting: prototype cut out from the template using a very sharp scalpel


Scoring and folding: using a very dull knife I created a depression into the cardboard. It creates sharper creases.


Tear to open: a perforated line is made to rip it properly.

2. Brand integration:

Merging them all together; two-page flyer, logo and printed packaging template, to see if they share the same “look and feel”. The package can seem a bit too busy when spread out, but when folded and glued together the “noise” will be greatly reduced. It’s all printed out an off-white yellowish tinted cardboard. Gives a little warmer magenta and puts a damper on the contrast.


3. Design (pdf)

Using Illustrator I drew up the template and then mapped the graphics accordingly. The package tear pattern (a perforated ripping line) is on top of the box. Barcode at the bottom.



And a couple more examples on how to differ between various canine weights:

week28_design-mapped-blue week28_design-mapped-orange

4. Presentation

Final photos of dummy:


week28_pack_goodshit week28-pack-back-rightside week28_pack_layingtear



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